Swimming Lessons Preschool and Waterbabies

Swimming is a life skill that all children in New Zealand need to learn to be safer around the water.

We believe that introducing children to water at a young age is a great way to build their enjoyment and confidence in and around water. Water babies classes we have a maximum of 6 children in each group. For our preschool levels we have two children in each class for 15 minutes. We have a great team of teachers here who pride themselves on their ability to relate to all children and their standard of teaching.

Starfish (6-12 months)

The aim is to introduce this age group to the water in a fun relaxed atmosphere.

Sea Monkeys (12-14 months)

Focusing on water confidence and play with basic skills of swimming.

Turtles (2-3 years)

Focusing on not only water confidence, but also water safety and basic swimming skills for those that are ready.

Level 1: Tadpoles (3+ years)

Focusing on water confidence, learning to float and water safety.

Level 2: Frogs (3+ years)

Focusing on floating, kicking and work on water safety.

Skills Required To Achieve Award

  1. Pool entry with support if required
  2. Walking in water with water at shoulder level
  3. Pick up objects from the bottom of the pool
  4. Submerge face inthe water
  5. Float on front and back relaxed with assistance
  6. Float on front and back without assistance
  7. Regain feet from a floating position
  8. Blow bubbles with the face under the water

FROGS: Level 2
Skills Required To Achieve Award

  1. Enter the pool safely without support Kick on front with board for 1Om
  2. Push off wall and glide on back then regain feet
  3. Push off wall and glide on front then regain feet Roll from front to back then regain feet
  4. Kick on back with board then regain feet
  5. Streamline kick on front for 1Om Kick on back unaided for 10m

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